Who is erin andrews currently dating

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Who is erin andrews currently dating

"I understand that I will always have to get treatment for this," Andrews said. It is work to me." "I have done interviews and posed on the red carpet, half the time rolling my eyes and being like, ' Can we just go? Andrews is currently living with her boyfriend, NHL hockey player Jarret Stoll.

"I will always need to go talk to somebody about this." "This will always be on the Internet," she continued, adding that she's constantly paranoid that everyone has seen her naked video. The two were introduced by Andrews' close friend, TV personality and former NFL pro Michael Strahan. I want to be the sports girl, the host that he is so proud of.

PHOTOS: Kristin Cavallari's life as a mom with Jay Cutler Andrews acknowledged that whether it's with Stoll or not, she has plans to become a wife and a mom.

Stoll joined the New York Rangers last month after playing for the Los Angeles Kings for seven years."Where I grew up, a lot of women start having children at 22.All of my friends from college and high school have three kids now. I hope to have that, but look at what I've done: I've hopefully had a hand in opening the door for other women.Unfortunately for the popular duo, who have been together for a couple of years, the spotlight hasn't always been a positive one.In April 2015, Stoll was arrested for possession of cocaine and MDMA while at a party in Las Vegas, and he ultimately reached a deal to plead guilty to a pair of lesser misdemeanors.

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' I'm not allowed to have a life and compete on a show and forget for two seconds? "Whenever someone says I am glamorous, it is like, ' Come on, really? "What happens when my kids come home from school saying, ' Mom, kids are saying you're naked on the Internet? WATCH: Erin Andrews Cries in Court as Her Father Takes the Stand in Stalker Lawsuit -- ' She's Depressed' Monday marked the first time Andrews took the stand in her $75 million civil trial against West End Hotel Partners and Barrett.