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Updating portage gentoo

github.com/lkraav/gentoo-cron-weekly is my simplistic weekly reporting toolset.

If your goal is to have the absolute latest of all packages, then yes, that seems to cover all the bases.

I like it, but I'm not sure I'd agree with the --keep-going on the world update.

(use --oneshot for things you don't want to add in to the world file, like system libs for example).

Note that it's always easier to do if you keep up to date regularly rather than going for monolithic batch updates every couple of months.

Although the system itself is known as Portage, it consists of two main parts, the ebuild system and emerge.

The ebuild system takes care of the actual work of building and installing packages, while emerge provides an interface to ebuild: managing an ebuild repository, resolving dependencies and similar issues.

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The Portage system consists of the Portage tree which is a collection of ebuilds, the emerge command which follows the instructions in ebuilds (special scripts), the Portage configuration files and the third-party Portage / emerge tools.

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