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In the countries of the European Community, one needs to only pay an official fee and meet other formal requirements for registration (e.g.Community design at EUIPO, Germany, France, Spain).Ornamental designs of jewelry, furniture, beverage containers (Fig.1) and computer icons are examples of objects that are covered by design patents.For instance, GSK claimed to have various patents protecting its antiretroviral medicine Combivir® in Ghana, in order to stop a drug distributor from importing a generic version of this medicine in 2000.

Decomposition data is available on the Safety Data Sheet which should be on file with the company.

From a practical standpoint, the quality of some products may be affected by atmospheric contact.

It is recommended that known hygroscopic or environmentally interactive materials be kept in sealed bottles.

For example, EPC Article 138 includes grounds for revocation on the basis that the invention is not patentable (for example, the invention falls into a category which is excluded from patentability, such as therapeutic or surgical methods, or the invention is not new or is not inventive), that the patent isn't clear enough about how to carry out the invention, that the patent application or the granted patent has been amended in a way which is not permissible, and that the patent was granted to somebody who was not entitled to it.

Some concrete examples include: • A mistake may have been made during the granting process about whether or not the invention should have been patentable.

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This follows the standard procedure for generics that carry the name of the active ingredient.

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