Jacqueline bracamontes dating jill martin online dating profile

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The shocking revelation comes in the actress' autobiography "La Pasarela De Mi Vida." During a sit-down interview with Jomari Goyso on "Primer Impacto," Bracamontes confirmed the fling.

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Valentino is the second of four siblings, and is also the only male.

He began his career as a model, and later enrolled in Televisa's CEA (Centro de Educación Artística).

Soon after, Valentino participated in the telenovela El juego de la vida (2001), where embodied Juan Carlos Domínguez, a coach of girls' football.

Around that time, he began dating Jacqueline Bracamontes.

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In a recent interview with Univision, Bracamontes explains: I know it was a complicated situation, he had a son and I didn't want to start a family with someone with kids, but we had a lot of chemistry, we got along really well, we had a great time together, we had a lot of fun.