Crossing jordan garret and jordan dating

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Crossing jordan garret and jordan dating

The show focuses on its constant main character, forensic pathologist Jordan Cavanaugh, as she goes above and beyond the call of duty to solve cases.

The primary settings of Crossing Jordan, all situated in Boston, the county seat of Suffolk County, Massachusetts, are the offices of the Suffolk County Medical Examiner, the Boston Police Department, and the Suffolk County District Attorney.

Kate: You are gonna be blood and guts on this floor, and then I'm gonna rip out your kidneys and I am gonna take them home and feed them to my dog, Binky. You know, my Mom, my job and uh…I think I've…I've just been afraid of really living, you know.The show revolves around the Boston Medical Examiners Office, Boston Police Department, and the District Attorney's Office.They work together to solve crimes and get justice for the victims in some interesting and unorthodox ways.Season 2, Episode 1September 23, 2002An expanded episode finds Jordan in Los Angeles on the trail of murderer Herman Redding (Jack Laufer), who previously tricked her into helping him gain a release from a mental-health facility. Lorraine Toussaint joins the series as coroner Elaine Deschamps.

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Brash, stubborn and resourceful medical examiner Jordan Cavanaugh revives her career in Boston, occasionally breaking the rules and ticking off the cops or her co-workers, including a neurotic boss.

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