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I asked her for his full name and some other key information so that I could run a background check on him.

11-year-old Malcolm (Frankie Muniz) lives with his dysfunctional family: neurotic father, Hal (Bryan Cranston), control-freak mother Lois (Jane Kaczmarek), dim-witted bully 12-year-old Reese (Justin Berfield), and eccentric 6-year-old Dewey (Erik Per Sullivan).

I’m going to go with the assumption that you like him, mainly because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have asked.

So let’s assume that I’m right and you like him and you’d like it if he wants you back.

The boy then stands in the center of the room and turns the gun on himself.

The night before the attack, Unomasuno writes, a message was posted on the group's page, purportedly from Guevara, warning that he intended to carry out a massacre.

Cue the destruction of their incredibly detailed LEGO Death Star. Now that Ned knows Peter is actually the Spider-Man “from You Tube,” he’s going to have a hard time keeping it a secret.

“It she finds out people are trying to kill me every night she’s not going to let me do this anymore,” Peter begs. The clip also features a hilarious interaction between Peter and a classmate, played by Zendaya.

When Cory teaches his class about various forms of government, Lucas, Riley, and Farkle decide to run against each other for seventh grade class president.

I'd tell my friends that I wished I could pick and choose various traits from ...

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The shooter runs to his backpack, apparently to reload, as his classmates cower at their desks.

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