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Black eyed peas dating quizz

You can add crushed red pepper if you like spicy food.

Simmer on the top of the stove or turn slow cooker to high and allow peas to cook 3 to 4 hours. Was going to write out my recipe but Wespauleys recipe is very close to mine. Add some of the juice from the peas, maybe 1 cup or so so it doesnt dry out.

Have to have hamhocks and collard greens with it though!There was the one where Underdog got away, and the one where Chandler lost a toe, and that one where Brad Pitt showed up and refused to eat complex carbohydrates. Watched all of the Friends Thanksgiving episodes a million times?, ap and Taboo have reuinited to make a rather nostalgia inducing, hip-hop tribute single 'Yesterday'.Place them in a slow cooker or, if you wish to cook them on the top of the stove, a large Dutch over.Combine with salt, pepper, onion, water, and ham or other meat.

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And by truly amazing, I really mean mostly ridiculous songs about butts that will make you giggle, but you can’t help singing along to them because they’re so catchy.