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Kolb (1974) views learning as an integrated process with each stage being mutually supportive of and feeding into the next.

It is possible to enter the cycle at any stage and follow it through its logical sequence.

Effective learning is seen when a person progresses through a cycle of four stages: of (1) having a concrete experience followed by (2) observation of and reflection on that experience which leads to (3) the formation of abstract concepts (analysis) and generalizations (conclusions) which are then (4) used to test hypothesis in future situations, resulting in new experiences.Cultural assimilation can happen either spontaneously or forcibly.A culture can spontaneously adopt a different culture or older and richer cultures forcibly integrate other weak cultures.Whether or not it is desirable for an immigrant group to assimilate is often disputed by both members of the group and those of the dominant society.Cultural assimilation does not guarantee social homophile though as this article states, geographical and other natural barriers between cultures even if started by the same dominant culture will be culturally different.

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Despite this, (and this is my personal view, not the view of the 'anti-Learning Styles lobby'), many teachers and educators continue to find value and benefit by using Learning Styles theory in one way or another, and as often applies in such situations, there is likely to be usage which is appropriate, and other usage which is not.

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